Welcome, seasoned surfer. You came here to learn one thing: Are one of the Apple Watch ranges
waterproof. Well, the short answer is no … but that does not mean you can not get wet, take a shower or take a bath.

The reason for this abrupt (and confusing) answer is the terminology used: there is virtually no electronics on the market that is “waterproof”. This means they are not completely waterproof, which is dangerous for any manufacturer.

What they are is “water-resistant”, that is, they can survive under certain conditions when it comes to a deadly aquatic enemy. Even a submarine is not completely waterproof, because at some depths, the pressure of the water would only crumple it, unless it is incredibly advanced.

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All water-resistant electronics will not always stay that way. That’s why brands are not prepared to worry too much about what can be done with their wet appliances.

Over time, seals preventing water from entering can degrade or be damaged, making the process difficult to manage. Here’s what Apple recommends to avoid with a watch to make it more water resistant:

  • Drop the Apple Watch or subject it high impacts.
  • Exposing the Apple Watch to soap or soapy water, such as while showering or bathing.
  • Expose the Apple Watch to perfumes, solvents, detergents, acids or acidic foods, insect repellents, lotions, sunscreen, oil or hair dye.
  • Exposing the Apple Watch to high-speed water, for example water skiing.
  • Wear the Apple Watch in a steam room or sauna.

The reason is the seals casing: spending too much time with anything that nibbles them (be it steam, slightly corrosive substances, or drop them to eventually crack things).

In fact, this is unlikely to happen, but it’s the kind of advice brands have to offer to ensure that users understand the difference between completely waterproof and able to withstand – and what would void the warranty if they did none of those things.


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Have you ever imagined Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, in the shower? Now you have. And you know he has a nice bathroom. Probably one of those rain shower heads … and we bet that it also has perfect water pressure.

Imagine staying in his spare room. The quality of the towels would be … anyway, we get lost. The first Apple Watch is not waterproof, and the least resistant of all the range.

Apple had a hard time saying that this watch was not waterproof at the exit, but it was accidentally more defensive than expected.

We started to suspect when Cook mentioned using it in the shower (hence the opening paragraph of this section – although we hope it would not become too soapy) and it turns out that he there is a protective measure.

It’s IPX7 certified, which means you can dive up to a meter for half an hour – it’s fine for you to swim with, right?

False. It would probably be OK if you tie it to a string and let it trail behind you in a very shallow basin, but the problem comes when you throw it into the water with ferocity, when you have trouble remembering school days. This puts too much pressure on the joints and can let the water get inside.

Remember that electronics and water are not friends. That’s why all this hoo-ha exists.


apple watch 3

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Absolutely not. Have not you read the first part about what the raincoat means? But good news: you can take the Apple Watch 3 to swim thanks to its 5ATM safety.

(You probably noticed that we skipped the Apple Watch 2 – it’s not for sale anymore, but it has the same protection as the Watch 3. Imagine they are the same thing and you are golden).

It’s the standard water resistance you’ll see on most watches – it basically means you can stand up to 50 feet deep. You can not take the Apple Watch scuba diving, but for most things (including shallow snorkeling), everything will be fine.

The thing to note here is that the protection against water penetration is higher here, so the Apple Watch 3 can handle larger impacts, which actually includes swimming and more prolonged exposure to the water.

That does not mean you can suddenly do something weird with soap and you’re still waiting for a guarantee, but the Watch 3 is more capable than the first iteration of not falling apart at the first sign of rain.

Apple has marketed the Watch 3 (and Watch 2) as perfect for swimming and has added a nice little feature that allows the watch to emit a buzz to eliminate water from the speaker. It’s fun to watch.


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It would be weird if it was not, right? Well, it’s not waterproof. We have deceived you. None of these are waterproof.

But the Apple Watch 4 resists 5ATM water, like the Watch 3. There is no more protection offered here than before, but it would be a strange supplement on the part of Apple to make it less resistant to the rain.

However, this is a larger screen on the iWatch 4, which makes it easier to see what’s going on underwater (if the application you use allows it.)

Are Apple Watch Straps Waterproof?

A few Apple Watch straps are water-proof, many are water-resistant, and a few offer zero defense against water in any respect. Generally, an Apple watch band will likely be water-resistant, although not water-proof.

Not one of the Apple Watch straps you can purchase straight from Apple are water-proof, however, plenty are water-resistant. Nevertheless, Apple clearly claims that their Link Bracelet, Milanese, Modern Buckle, Leather Loop and Classic Buckle straps aren’t water-resistant.

3rd Party Apple Watch Bands

Be suspicious of 3rd party retailers who state that their Apple Watch straps are water-proof. Most of the time, their straps are able to resist water, but not actually waterproof.

If you’re planning on buying a water-proof band, search for the strap’s IP rating or any other water-resistance score. When the strap posseses an IP rating of IPX8 or IP68, it means it possesses the best degree of water-resistance, rendering it practically entirely water-proof.

Will AppleCare Cover Damage From Water To Your Apple Watch?

AppleCare doesn’t specifically reference addressing damage from water, however it will cover the Apple Watch for 2 occurrences of unintentional damage, each of which are susceptible to a service cost.

It’s essential for you to realize that damage from water isn’t insured in AppleCare policies for apple iphones, so don’t be shocked when you get cited a sizable service charge from them.

We can’t assure the repair will likely be insured, however it doesn’t harm to bring your Apple Watch to your neighborhood Apple Store to have them examine it. Prior to going, we advise booking a scheduled appointment to ensure somebody will be open to assist you to.