A lot of Apple iwatch bands are classified as “link bands”. These straps are one-piece straps, for example the Stainless Steel, Natural Wood and Ceramic bands.

Link bands may end up being worn down and break with time for those who aren’t setting up and removing their band correctly. Many of the issues we come across from improperly handling the link bands tend to be: damaged or curved adapters, clasps that break off and retard the band. Complete malfunction of the link may also occur in severe instances. Here are directions regarding how to correctly handle your link band assuring it will continue to perform and look well for you.

To install the strap for your iwatch:

  1. For starters, be sure you open up the iwatch band clasp. This provides you with more space to work alongside and reduces unneeded force on the links while you connect it to your iwatch.
  2. Subsequent, carefully insert both sides of the strap in to the iwatch groove. Just do one adapter at once and simply insert the adapter a little (not even half way) in to the special groove at this phase.
  3. Lastly with ends of the adapters partly implanted within the lines, carefully press both adapters simultaneously. Make sure you hear a gentle click once the band is completely secured to the iwatch.