Online shopping is quickly becoming the popular alternative to going to brick and mortar stores. Despite the ease of this type of shopping, there are some aspects that can be difficult. First and foremost, customers aren’t able to touch or experience the products before purchase. They can only see pictures or watch videos of the particular product. While shopping online, customers may realize that all third-party websites and official providers seem to be selling the same products. Large e-commerce websites such as Amazon and eBay make it easy to search among millions of products to find something specific. It can be tempting to choose a product from these providers without asking a lot of questions. Unfortunately, there is more to these products than typically meets the eye.

We will use an Apple Watch strap to help illustrate this point. Apple’s official website sells several different versions of this silicon strap for $49.99 plus tax. The high price and reputation of Apple suggests that this product would be of the highest quality. However, not many customers will be willing to spend over $50 for a piece of silicon. Even the most avid Apple supporters may consider this pricing to be ridiculous. This sentiment is reinforced when a duplicate silicon strap can be purchased on Amazon for $9. Most people wouldn’t hesitate to save $40 and take the deal on Amazon. Unfortunately, this product will most likely not live up to the buyer’s expectations.

Upon purchasing some of these cheaper bands, we discovered some interesting things. In order to achieve the diverse range of colors, these bands have been dipped in cheap paint. The color doesn’t hold long and peels off whenever the band is stretched. Overtime, all of the pain falls off. We have our own silicon straps that are colored through an infusion process where the color cannot peel off. This is the same technique that Apple uses for their bands. Our straps aren’t only of great quality, but they also feel sturdy and strong. On the other hand, straps off of eBay or Amazon feel fake and cheap.

We have spent countless hours buying and analyzing 100’s of different watches to determine what kind of quality we want in our watches. Based on our experience, we have determined that there are stark differences in overall quality between different watches. Some of these include the overall workmanship, durability of the straps, basic design and more. We have declined more brands than we have endorsed, because we care about customers. We want everyone to get the best products without having to spend a fortune. We help to take the guess-work out of purchasing Apple watch bands.